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Frequently Asked Questions



1.    What is Our Kehila?

Our Kehila is a community calendar.  Contrary to popular belief it is NOT a mailing list.  If you want something sent to the community it must be on the calendar.  There are some events that we will send, e.g., Baruch Dayan HaEmes notices, Vorts, and some specials.  Best rule to follow is to first post it to the calendar.


2.    Will you also mail my event?

A weekly summary is mailed the community every Wednesday early morning.  It contains each posting on the calendar for the coming week, all short-term events and all continuous events or Shiurim.  For some specials we will also do a separate mailing.  Again, Our Kehila is NOT  a mailing list. 


3.    What can I post to Our Kehila?

Any simcha or event of interest to the community, e.g., shiurim,  Yom Tovim events, special programs, shiva notices, etc. 


4.    What can’t I post to Our Kehila?

Advertising, commercial events (unless they benefit a shul or organization), garage sales,  apartment rentals, or any other such posts.  You can post those to Our Kehila Market http://ourkehilamarket.com/


5.    How do I send to Our Kehila?

Click on the  “post_your_event” tab at Ourkehila.com  and complete the form that contains all the information needed.


6.    Can I include an attachment?

Yes.  However with the emails sent out  the content must be in the body of the email and include the attachments.  Many people cannot open attachments.


7.    What e-address do I use to contact you?

Please use info@ourkehila.com  which is reviewed first.  We receive 1,200+ emails a day with all of our e-addresses, so your message can get lost if you don't send it to info@ourkehila.com